Cleaning Services

We have a team of professional cleaners, and we vet all our staff because we know you are cautious about bringing a stranger into your home or office.

Are you looking for residential or commercial cleaners?

Residential Cleaning Services

Your home shouldn’t be a mess any longer when we’re here at your service. If you’ve been taking care of it thus far, why not let us help you so you can have some me-time or family time?

Some household tasks like carpet and upholstery cleaning need specialized equipment, especially when they have stubborn stains. It’s also wise to have an expert on the job to do it perfectly and protect occupants from respiratory problems caused by allergens like dust mites.

Since we only hire experienced workers, they have worked in different homes; they know the stubborn areas that need extra cleaning care.

Our residential cleaning services include

Basic House Cleaning

After spending hours in the noisy, congested streets as you travel to and from work, you need to come home to an ambiance that helps you relax. Therefore, cleaning your home is unavoidable. But, the cleaning process shouldn’t take all your time such that you’re more tired after staying at home than when you’re outside. Let us clean your home for you.

We customize our cleaning plans to your home’s needs. We listen to your instructions; if you’d like us to concentrate our cleaning service in one area and avoid some rooms, we do exactly that.

Deep Cleaning

We take care of all your living space, from the bedrooms to the common areas. Besides dusting and cleaning all surfaces, we also wipe all glass fixtures and sanitize the bathrooms. Further, we clean inside your cabinets, fridges, and ovens. This thorough job will leave your home sparkling clean.

Laundry Services

When we do your laundry, it is one less item on your weekend to-do list. You’ll look forward to the weekend because it’ll be a time to relax.

We are experts in stain removal and how to handle different fabrics; consequently, we do a marvelous job.

Ceiling & Wall Cleaning

Walls and ceilings may look clean, but there are dirt marks near doors, on bathroom walls, and behind a wall-mounted television. In your kitchen, you may notice grease marks above your cooking station.

Taking care of your ceilings and walls will not only make your living space habitable but will also reduce renovation costs. If you’re a homeowner, taking care of your walls will give you good returns when you put the property back into the market. Additionally, we also clean the walls for you before a repainting job.

To reach the ceiling, you’d need equipment like a ladder. There’s no need to invest in such equipment for a task that you’ll accomplish once every few months or annually. Hire us, as we have invested in the latest cleaning equipment and appliances.

Blinds Cleaning

With our state-of-the-art equipment, we’ll come to your home when you make a schedule with us and do the work within a short time.

We know all the insider tricks on caring for blinds, and our team has years of experience to do the job thoroughly. On top of that, we clean all types of blinds.

Curtain Cleaning

We offer a wide range of curtain cleaning services, including onsite cleaning of curtains without removing & rehanging them. Therefore, avoid the hustle of dismantling them and enduring the dust and dirt by asking us to clean them for you onsite.

We pay attention to curtains in high traffic areas, and the cleaning materials we use won’t damage your curtains. Also, your curtains won’t shrink or fade.

Carpet Cleaning

When we clean your carpet, it’ll brighten up your home, and you’ll be safe from dust and dirt. Dust can cause respiratory problems; dust is a proven allergen that exacerbates asthma. Cleaning your carpet also removes odor in case you’ve had beverage spills.

Upholstery Cleaning

Maintain the original luster of your furniture through regular, professional cleaning services. We clean all types of upholstery, and we determine the cleaning process based on the make and material of the item.

As we do the work, we also protect your floor and surrounding items if they are sensitive to our cleaning materials and equipment.

Commercial Cleaning Services

You can request a contractual cleaning service or a one-off service. We offer our services to commercial premises, factories, and warehouses.

When our team arrives, the team’s supervisor leads the operation to stay within schedule and ensure quality cleaning.

We invest in the latest cleaning technology, and we use equipment suitable to the size of the commercial area we are cleaning and the type of service we are offering you.

You can request commercial cleaning services like

Cleaning Office Services

The first impression your clients get when they walk into your premises can make or ruin your business.

Additionally, a clean office environment reduces sick-offs and boosts productivity. Hence, we clean work areas, cubicles, restrooms, kitchens, and reception, among other office spaces. We also wipe & dust office electronics.

We train our staff on work ethics so that when they come to clean your office, you’ll not be worried about curious eyes visiting sections you’ve cordoned off or prying in your document cabinets.

You can request daily, weekly, or monthly cleaning services and specify the areas you’d like us to clean.

Window Cleaning

Reaching high spots on most commercial buildings is challenging, and attempting to reach those spots without the right equipment can cause a nasty fall. We neither want you to have an accident at work nor project a poor image of your brand because of dirty windows.

For that reason, hire us, and we will reach the highest spots on your windows to remove grime and dust. We will restore the natural shine your windows had when you installed them.

Pressure Washing

Power washing removes grime, gas spills, and stains. It also prepares your driveway for a paint job. Power washing also transforms weathered exteriors in a matter of days as it clears mold and other unsightly things growing in your driveways.

Therefore, boost your curb appeal by getting professional cleaning for your commercial driveways.

Events Cleaning Services

We will be there to clean before, during, or after your major corporate event in Nairobi or its environs. Whether you need cleaning services for recurring events or a one-time ceremony, our team will not disappoint.

We provide a small or large cleaning team depending on your schedule and your cleaning needs. Our team can handle both indoor and outdoor cleaning services, and they leave the venue spotless.

If you need regular cleaning touch-ups, as the event proceeds, we will do just that. For high-traffic events that need fast but deep cleaning services, our turnaround is excellent, and we don’t compromise on the quality of service.

Sports Centers Cleaning

In sports centers, we clean equipment, remove the trash, clean the restrooms, sanitize the bleachers and the food courts. In short, we clean everywhere and everything. When you’re hosting an event, our janitorial service will offer great satisfaction to your guests.

Why Hire Us?

Our team arrives equipped with the right safety gear and the right equipment for the job. We’re punctual so that we can work within your day’s schedule. Additionally, we take the least amount of time on the job.