Corporate Staffing

We update our human resource database as often as possible to find staff suitable for different work environments. Hence, our talent pool has qualified and experienced candidates who can work in your office as support staff. When you request us to send candidates to fill a position in your company, we match the support staff we send to you with your recruitment objectives.

Our recruitment process involves background checks to certify credentials plus evaluation interviews to confirm the qualifications of candidates. Therefore, we add competent, hardworking staff to our database.

Further, our human resource managers use modern human resource management tools to match candidates to job roles. They look out for changes to industry standards, and if the job description of various support staff changes, they align our recruitment goals to those changes.

Additionally, if our talent pool lacks a candidate for your job offer, we undertake a talent search and find you the right fit.

What we offer

You can hire these professional support staff from us.


We provide qualified drivers who can work in any company as personal or commercial drivers. We know how important it is to find able drivers for the safety of the passengers. Thus, we only work with drivers with a clean driving record based on all their previous assignments.

Our drivers are always alert irrespective of the weather or road conditions, and they have the mental discipline to follow instructions. Further, we only recruit trustworthy drivers.

By hiring a driver through us, you will be adding a self-motivated staff to your team because our human resource managers recruit self-starters. We know that a lot happens on the road that may derail drivers, so we search for accountable candidates.

On top of that, we offer you personnel with people skills to communicate effectively with you and your team. Your drivers may also mingle with your clients, so we focus on getting friendly candidates since it is easier for such drivers to create a good relationship with your clients.

Further, we prioritize drivers with some mechanical knowledge for unforeseen situations on the road. That way, they can diagnose problems before your car breaks down through a pre-trip inspection. If the worst happens on the road, they can help evaluate the mechanical problems for you to send the best assistance to them.

Our drivers

  1. Have a good sense of direction
  2. Are patient
  3. Are medically and physically fit for the job


We have a database of riders to run errands & deliveries for your company. Our thorough background check ensures our riders are trustworthy so they can support your team by delivering confidential documents to and from your office.

Our riders have worked with established companies in the past; thus, they have experience and knowledge for this job role. For instance, we look for skilled riders with geographical knowledge of the city or state. We believe that when riders are passionate about the job, they will serve you efficiently.

On top of that, we seek riders with active listening skills to remember all of the day’s activities on their schedule. They are also good time managers who work within your schedule and that of your clients.

Our riders are

  1. Reliable
  2. Know the delivery procedure
  3. Have worked in various departments
  4. Have experience delivering to small and large companies
  5. Keep time
  6. Courteous


Our cleaning support staff has experience working in different office setups. Hence, you will enjoy high-quality cleaning services when you hire our cleaners. We’ll give you a team that understands a clean office gives a good first impression, so they’ll focus on all details, even as small as arranging furniture in the room.

Our cleaning staff is trustworthy; your team can leave them in the office after working hours. Moreover, they don’t require supervision to do a good job.

Moreover, they’ll use the best cleaning equipment and supplies, and if these aren’t available at the time you hire our staff, they will inform you what they need to get the job done. They have experience with state-of-the-art cleaning equipment plus professional training to handle cleaning chemicals safely.

On the same note, they have undergone training on workplace hazards and how to caution building occupants when a cleaning job is taking place.

Our cleaners are good time managers. They will arrive for the job early and take the least time cleaning offices and other areas. They also know how to plan the cleaning process, whether they should start with high traffic areas or with the least popular rooms. Once you give them a cleaning schedule or brief them on the task, they will create a cleaning plan.

Another quality we look for when adding cleaners to our recruitment database is their communication skills. Hence, we have cleaners with above-average interpersonal skills. They are friendly, and they know the importance of working as a team.

Other qualities that make our cleaners exceptional are

  1. They are attentive to detail, so they will listen when you brief them or request changes to the cleaning schedule.
  2. They offer consistent services without altering their cleaning schedule to suit personal interests.
  3. They take feedback positively and adjust their services to your requests.

Why Hire From Us?

Getting trustworthy and reliable support staff may take a lot of your time. Further, it will require an internal recruitment team. We make the process easier for you because we have a database of job seekers for various support staff positions.

Hence, since we have been doing this for a while, we know the qualities employers seek and evaluate candidates before filling staff positions.

Note that

  1. We have a dedicated team of human resource managers with experience in the recruitment of support staff.
  2. We offer training to our human resource managers on the skills required in various industries.
  3. We will have a dedicated team working on finding the best candidates for you from our database.
    In conclusion, when you request us to find drivers, riders, or cleaners for you, we will give you only the best.