Domestic Workers

Domestic workers are indispensable. From cleaners to security guards and house messengers, we need them in our homes.

For example, household chores can take up all the time you’ve set aside to relax alone or with your family. It’s worse when you have young ones that need your attention or a busy corporate life.

In such circumstances, you need a helper to take care of household chores so that the little time you spend indoors, you’re able to relax and rejuvenate your system. Additionally, having professional help for some residential chores like landscaping ensures quality that you may lack the skills to implement.

Not to mention, when you have a skilled guard, you’ll rest indoors knowing you’re safe.

That’s where our services come in. We undertake a rigorous recruitment process to find skilled professionals with a wealth of experience and a spotless professional background. We supply domestic workers such as


During our recruitment process, we screen dozens of candidates to employ qualified nannies only. We have set high standards so that whoever joins our team is knowledgeable, experienced, and compassionate. Therefore, we recruit nannies with experience. To give you options, we seek nannies that can commit to either a long-term or short-term contract.

Since long-term nannies impact the development of your child, we find nannies that understand child development. That way, your child can feel safe and comfortable with the nanny. Additionally, we hire nannies with good values to instill confidence and good self-esteem in the child.

If your child is older and only needs supervision occasionally, we offer you a nanny with experience as a house manager to assist the family and coordinate various family events. On the other hand, if you just welcomed your bundle of joy, we also have nannies to help the newborn integrate into your family routine.


Our caregivers endeavor to improve our client’s health physically, mentally, and emotionally. They are compassionate, and they stay with you or your loved one for the duration you need them. They treat your loved one with dignity, and if you need them around for 24 hours a day, even better as your loved one will not be lonely.

Our caregivers can care for seniors, veterans, adults living with a disability, or family members recovering from an ailment. They offer

  1. Companionship
  2. Run some errands
  3. Assists in preparing meals
  4. Handle a bit of housekeeping
  5. Assist in personal care like bathing and eating
  6. Memory support for loved ones suffering from dementia or Alzheimer’s
  7. Respite when the family or your caregivers go on holiday or a short break
  8. Travel companionship & more.


Hiring a personal chef has so many benefits, such as

  1. You’ll not rush home to prepare meals for your family when you have a lot of work to complete at the office.
  2. A personal cook has the experience and professional training to prepare sumptuous, healthy meals.
    A cook meets your dietary needs bearing in mind any health conditions.
  3. You can impress your friends and family with exotic meals whenever you host an event.
  4. Lastly, with a personal chef handling your meals, you can sample as many cuisines as possible.
  5. Further, you can find a cook that specializes in your favorite cuisine.

We have professional cooks to run your kitchen and prepare meals according to your meal plan. They have experience making various cuisines, and they have worked in kitchens across the state. Inform us what you need, and we will match the candidate we offer to your job description.


It’s better to have a gardener on your payroll than to wait until your gutters are full of dead leaves and your home looks like an overgrown bush. If you wait until the worst happens, it’ll be more expensive because your garden will need repairs. Hiring a gardener will improve your curb appeal and maintain it.

We have gardeners with the experience to work in your home.

If you love gardening too, you can plant flowers, trees, or vegetables and then hire a gardener to oversee the project. Our gardeners perform various tasks, including but not limited to trimming, planting trees, watering, and cleaning up your backyard.


Our landscapers are professionals with experience in various tasks like:-

  1. Installation of decorative rocks
  2. Mulch landscaping
  3. Landscape and hardscapes design
  4. Fall and spring cleanups
  5. Grading and drainage

Generally, we have someone to help you with design, installation, and maintenance. Our landscapers are experts in pest control and weed removal too. If you’ve never done this before, they’ll guide you on the equipment and appliances necessary to turn your compund into a landscaped paradise.

Security Guards

Security is a priority for all homeowners. Therefore, our support staff database has well-trained and experienced security guards. They will take care of your security concerns professionally. To search for the best candidates for this role, we look beyond work experience.

We prioritize candidates with above-average observation skills to notice any strange activity in your neighborhood and stay alert. From their observation, they determine whether to raise the alarm or the situation is under control.

We seek honest security guards you can leave in your compound without worrying about your residence or the safety of your household. Additionally, our security guards are team players who can work with other staff in your residence.

More so, we enlist security guards with good communication skills and a friendly demeanor to de-escalate situations calmly.

House Managers (House Girls)

We know you need a house messenger who is knowledgeable about your area, a person you can send whenever you don’t want to go to town. We are also keen to find trustworthy house messengers for errands that involve cash and valuables.

Why Work With Us?

We recruit domestic workers who are keen on privacy and confidentiality and know the ethics of their profession. Therefore, when you hire domestic workers from us, we promise to get you competent, skillful workers.